24 Super shots of Uchisar in Cappadocia

ushisar, cappadocia, turkiye at sunrise with famous hot air balloons

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Words aren’t coming, but we are overdue to post. Maybe it’s a world full of colliding egos that have my mind too preoccupied to write much. Instead, I’ll share 24 super shots from our first couple of days in Uchisar – part of Turkiye’s Cappadocia region (25 if you count the shot at the top of the page).

When we visit these picturesque places, I long to have a real camera. My iPhone Xs will have to do.

Quick background on what’s pictured:

  • The landscape’s exotic design came from millions of years of wind and rain on volcanic ash
  • The Hittites settled here around 1,600 BC
  • In later empires, people carved homes into the caves; castles were like apartment buildings
  • Underground cities are around the region – some still undiscovered

And, of course, the hot air balloons are pictured. The balloons made the region more of a tourist destination than the alien-like landscape.

We haven’t gone up in a balloon yet… stay tuned…

(*Update: we did get into a hot air balloon ride, but we were busy hiking and never wrote a blog entry on the experience. Definitely recommend the splurge!)

The Cappadocia region of Turkiye is considered a UNESCO Heritage Site. Read more about it at the official website.

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