New place, amazing views on mainland Malay to love

amazing views on mainland malay at tuhaw hills

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You want to put Tuhaw Hills on your list of places to visit. I mean, seriously. Did you see that picture above? We were guided to a new place with that amazing view – and more – on mainland Malay.

This viewpoint on private property is right in our own backyard so to speak, as we wait out the pandemic our apartment rental at the Hangout Beach Resort in Malay, Aklan, Philippines.

Amazing views on mainland Malay

My iPhone 6 pictures do not do this place justice. It was the most breathtaking view I’ve experienced since the Gigantes Islands off the east coast of Panay Island. And Tuhaw Hills is better — because the different views of mountains and jungle and islands offer variety to the vast sea.

The vast jungle view from Tuhaw Hills on mainland Malay, Aklan, Philippines.

As of this writing, it’s only been open for a few months. It opened to visitors during the pandemic – so previous visitors to Aklan have not gotten to experience this yet.

Best views: Tuhaw Hills

On mainland Malay, I enjoyed the Ati mountainside with its gorgeous view of Boracay, but it is somewhat limited in scope. At Tuhaw Hills, you can see for miles in many directions.

Even on days without clear skies, the views kiss you. When we arrived, skies were blue with patchy clouds. We stayed so long, we watched Earth’s atmosphere change.

We watched rain pass over distant islands, sunshine hit the jungle to make it sparkle, windmills spun as Earth went round and round, rainbows popped out of the sky.

We gazed at the entire length of Boracay from its White Beach side all afternoon (first picture at the top of the page).

We had a great time chilling, looking, eating, chatting, snoozing, laughing, as the sun fell lower.

Pandemic? What pandemic?

Picnic lunch

“Tuhaw” means a spring that suddenly gushed from a rock many years ago — like a miracle. The area is said to have many such springs.

We went with friends from the Hangout and Malay, and we brought a protein-powered picnic lunch, prepared by the wife of our new friend Onnoy. Talk about healthy! Shrimp, crab, native chicken, beef, snails, rice, and rice cakes for dessert.


a pile of food in pans on a table in a shelter with jungle and sea views at Tuhaw Hills in mainland Malay

The picnic tables are in structures with seating that provide shade from the sun, cover from any rain.

The owners of Tuhaw Hills and their four sons were kind and helpful. Tuhaw Hills also has a simple kitchen.

Beer for Tedly (55 pesos for a regular-sized bottle), coffee for me. Admission is 20 pesos .

We supplemented our picnic with fresh coconut water and meat, green mangoes with course salt.

We so enjoyed our ,private party all arranged by our friend Yolly, owner of the Hangout Beach Resort.

Some chill, relaxing music, and it was a perfect long and leisurely afternoon.

We were on top of the world in every way.

So where is Tuhaw Hills?

In Aklan Province, Malay township includes many barangays, or neighborhoods. It also includes Boracay Island, and its famous White Beach. So mainland Malay means Panay Island, across the channel from Boracay.

At the time of this writing, there is no COVID-19 in this area, but travel restrictions are in effect for regional tourism only.

The easiest way would be to rent your own motorbike — or walk like Mom Diane has done — to the barangay Naasug (pronounced nah-AH-suhg). It would be about 30 minute walk uphill from barangay Malay. The elevation gain to the top of Tuhaw Hills from sea level is 500 feet. Without any travel restrictions, you could hire a motorbike taxi rider to bring you up.

Once in Naasug, everyone has to walk a path up to Tuhaw Hills. It starts behind the basketball court across from the church. It’s a few minute walk uphill to a clearing with some homes, and the final path up to the top via steps.

Tedly’s new favorite place for views on mainland Malay

As a former photographer, my husband Tedly has always been interested in literal high points — overlooks that offer amazing views. This one was so spectacular, Tedly declared he will spend more at Tuhaw Hills as we continue to enjoy our temporary home in mainland Malay during these crazy virus days. I will return to Tuhaw Hills, as well. Mom Diane had already discovered Naasug on her discovery expeditions, so I’d bet she would return, too.

There is a hashtag on social media: #exploremainlandmalay. I will start using it on our Facebook page and my personal Instagram account. Because the gorgeous places on mainland Malay should not be overlooked by the serious traveler seeking authentic experiences.

We’ve also made some other discoveries on mainland Malay thanks to our friend Yolly, and I will write more about those in the coming days, weeks, and probably months.

Life is Now.

Thanks for reading, “New place, amazing views on mainland Malay to love.”

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