Travel restrictions ease, cockfights back, U.S. ‘irrelevant’

travel restrictions eased in the philippines, but checkpoints still exist like this one

People can now travel for any reason in the Philippines between lower-risk areas that are not locked down.

This is a huge development.

It means we can go to other islands, such as Negros or Bohol or Romblon, etc.

Travel restrictions eased

The eased restrictions also mean people from Manila who aren’t under quarantine or lock down can freely travel to any province they please — subject to local government regulations.

Bascially, people are allowed to “travel for any purpose.”

Previously, only “authorized persons” were allowed to travel to provinces outside their residence. That meant essential travel only – such as for a medical procedure or official government business.

I recently accompanied a friend to a doctor visit in Capiz Province, which is near Aklan Province – our province of residence. There was a checkpoint at the border between the two provinces, but only the driver of our public transportation was checked. (Pictured above.)

And, of course, all travel will still require face shields, face masks, and social distancing. (Pictured below.)

Get more info on the eased restrictions from the

What will this mean for tourism hot spots like Boracay? Time will tell. But domestic tourism isn’t enough to support everyone.

In fact, domestic visitors are so few and far between, airlines are canceling flights into Caticlan, the Boracay airport.

This fact isn’t reported in any news agency that I’ve seen. But we know, because Mom Diane’s plans to go home next week were thrown into a lurch when the flight from Caticlan to Manila was canceled.

Mom Diane was eventually able to secure another flight with the only remaining airline still offering service: Philippine Airlines. And that airline, by the way, is cutting a third of its workforce.

Still no official world on when international visitors on tourist visas might be allowed back into the Philippines, but the hope is that it will happen in December.

In a related development, Filipinos are now allowed to leave the country for leisure starting October 21. Previously, they had not been allowed leave international vacations. More details at the

Cockfights back

Cockfighting is now allowed in this new COVID normal. It’s cleared for Aklan Province, as well as other low-risk areas around the country.

Cock fights are serious sport for this island nation. My husband Theo attended an event back when we were on Negros Oriental.

cockfighting in the philippines

Shortly after that, the ‘Rona rocked the world and the government banned large gatherings of people at sporting events and cockpits.

In the ‘new normal’ however, only players and roosters are allowed in the cockpits — no live audiences.

More details are given by the presidential spokesman quoted in the Manila Bulletin.

U.S. ‘irrelevant’ to the Philippines

And the last bit of news: an opinion writer says the U.S. is such a mess that it is a failed state, and is now ‘irrelevant’ to the Philippines.

The columnist praises President Rodrigo Duterte for forging new relationships with China and Russia.

His opinion is in The Manila Times.

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