Philippine Quarantine: Normalization?

quarantine normalization

Happy Friday and weekend! Our tropical ‘general quarantine’ continues here in Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines. Officially, persons between ages 20 and 60 are permitted to move about for necessities while wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing.

And it does seem like more people are out and about, necessity, masks, distancing – or not. Things feel more like the very first days when we arrived here at the Hangout Beach Resort on March 16. WE were the only ones quarantined then.

For about a week, we watched as ‘regular life’ went on all around us. But within days, the bigger lockdown for everyone began — and lasted until May 1.

Quarantine normalization?

Now the regular life is returning. Each day there seems to be more activity. The small convenience store across the street from our resort apartment is more busy.

quarantine normalization - kids line up at a store for soda on the left, a soda delivery on the right

Deliveries are back

Today, a crowd of kids – the biggest group I’ve seen – were at the window buying snacks. And a Coca-Cola delivery was made too – the first since a small Pepsi truck was here back in March. The Coke products come loaded on a motorcycle and sidecar.

My burning question: when will the San Miguel beer truck start delivering again? There are just a few bottles remaining in our resort restaurant refrigerator. Within a week, I will be dry and sober! Eee gads!

Vendors are also returning to the neighborhood. They too usually come on motorbikes. I bought 10 sweet rolls from a guy with a styrofoam ‘bread basket’ strapped to his scooter.

And a covered pickup truck loaded with eggs came down the street yesterday to deliver to the corner store.

quarantine normalization - egg delivery pictured right, package delivery pictured left

I got 13 fresh eggs for 100 Pesos ($2usd). That is slightly more than they cost at the market. I guess home delivery is worth something.

For the very first time I also saw a package being delivered — an online order of some kind? A guy on a motorcycle with a big square backpack came zipping into the yard across the street and he went to the door with a small box.

Just like UPS or FedEx, the homeowner signed a phone/tablet, and the guy took off. I could read the word “Ninja” on the backpack as he drove away.

Weather changes

Another novel thing: rain! Over the past few days we’ve actually had some real rain showers. For the first six weeks here there was barely a sprinkle.

quarantine normalization - two views of a cloudy sky in the motag neighborhbood of malay, aklan

This week, the ground as been wet a few times and puddles even appeared overnight. One afternoon, heavy rain clouds enveloped Boracay island and it was completely “whited out”. Check out the ‘before and after pics’ above.

We do expect wetter weather to begin at some point soon. May into June is said to be the changeover to the wet season in the Philippines. That will be different for sure.

We have actually planned our time thus far in Southeast Asia to avoid wet weather – scheduling different places; Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., to try to miss the varying regional rain patterns.

Obviously, now that we are immobile, we will be enjoying whatever Mother Nature delivers.

As always, be thankful and generous, happy trails, & more beer.

Life is NOW!

Thanks for reading, “Philippine Quarantine: Normalization?”

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