No more closets, heels or little black dresses

It’s official. Since I can’t travel with a closet full of clothes, all of my high-heeled shoes are gone. I no longer own any formal or fancy dresses, or little black dresses. And I sure as heck no longer have any closets stuffed with girly things, though I recently wondered if I’ll miss them every now and then.

My sister’s newly renovated home has a walk-in closet. I did a happy dance when I first saw it! Outfits to be created at every turn! Her closet is beautiful, and it even has a sunroof for optimal lighting!

I enjoyed going through her spectacular closet and reorganizing it a bit, while pulling together new and different outfits. In a way, it was a little like playing with Barbie dolls when we were kids.

We’d dress up the Barbies and send them on pretend dates with Ken dolls. Our Barbies were beautiful women with all the clothes, jewelry and shoes that could fit in special Barbie wardrobe cases. Over time, our Barbies became strong, independent women with all the briefcases, cars and homes that could fit in our toy storage area.

I lost interest in dolls first. I’m three years older. But I still played Barbies once in awhile with my sister out of a sense of duty. I made the best of it and amused myself regardless, with elaborate fantasies of how things could be in a dreamed-about adult world.

My imagination today – just as active as when I played with Barbie and Ken. No cars or briefcases now, and my wardrobe case is so different. I’ve ditched the rat race and set a course to travel, explore and discover. My husband and I will travel soon with one bag each, and one backpack each. Essentials, only. No heels. No fancy little black dresses. No closets with all kinds of girly stuff. I haven’t even worn contact lenses in more than a year.

In another life, I was happy when I had all of those things — belts, scarves and skirts, blouses, bracelets and purses, pants, party dresses and shoes – many, many shoes. In my current life, I am happy without these things, and, I am happy that my sister does have them. She works so hard, she deserves them! I’ll do a happy dance every time I’m with her in her spectacular walk-in closet.

And if I do find myself missing dress-up moments as I wander the planet, mostly along beaches, I could always make an occasional splurge in some city.

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