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We are in the Philippines.

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Get to know us

Earth Vagabonds have been traveling since 2015. Visit the ‘About us’ page for the back story.

These days, our slow travel has come to a halt, thanks to world events with the coronavirus.

We decided to hunker down where we got stuck – in Malay, Aklan, Philippines. You might better know it as the region with Boracay Island and the world-famous White Beach. The island opened to domestic tourists on October 1, 2020. It had been closed for more than six months.

Theo’s mom was our roommate

Theo (or Tedly) has an amazing mom. She is an extensive world traveler and 81 years young.

Mom Diane came to spend the winter with us in the Philippines and got stuck when the pandemic hit. She stayed with us for 10 months before she was able to return home to the USA. (We bet we’ll see her again somewhere on Earth…)

We have done media interviews about the pandemic experience in the Philippines with Mom Diane.

Health care experiences

From the mundane, like new glasses and teeth cleanings, to the extreme, like a double mastectomy.

Earth Vagabonds has acquired a lot of health care experience in places like Mexico, Guatemala, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

See the Breast Cancer page, or search for things like “Mexican dentist” or “Malaysian oncologist” or “buying prescriptions overseas.”

Why we share this personal stuff

In 2015, this blog started as a way for Ellen’s mother to keep up with her vagabonding the planet. It morphed into a ‘how to’ guide of sorts, so that our experiences might help others.

We have tried to show through our monthly budgets that Americans do not need as much money as they might think to live abroad.

And we have used quality health care services from Central America to Europe to Southeast Asia — all as good as, and cheaper than, medical care available in America.

Fear is a powerful human emotion. But we do not let fear of unknown elements in a vagabonding lifestyle overtake our rational senses.

If we can do this, you can, too.

Pandemic travel planning

Visit our special COVID-19 page with planning resources for travelers.

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