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Slow Travel. On a budget.

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So you want to slow travel the world on a budget. You’ve come to the right place!

We Earth Vagabonds – Ellen and Theo – have traveled the world in early retirement since 2015. Read more about how we got here on the “About” page.

To make the most of this site, you will find links to key “How to” posts at the bottom of every page.

To get a sense of what international travel is like in the COVID era at our current location, please enjoy our most recent blog posts below.

With many years of experience, we enjoy sharing what we learn.

Live the Dream. Life is Now.

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Meet the Earth Vagabonds

Hello! We are Ellen and Theo.

We slow travel on a budget in early retirement.

We’ve done it since 2015!

We show you how to do this on this website.

We give detailed information about our budget – and also about our spending. That’s the trick to this all — the spending.

Only you can control your spending and stick to your budget.

We lead you by example on how to do that – with tips and tricks along the way.

Theo likes to say a travel lifestyle can be “endless — if you spend less.”

We live our travel experience as a lifestyle, not a vacation.

How’d we get here? How can you get here?

Earth Vagabonds recommend you explore this site, starting on the ‘About’ page.

For the full, longer story about exactly how we came to retire early and travel the world, we now have that personal information posted.

Pandemic travel planning

We constantly re-evaluate travel plans for the future.

We have a few helpful resources for the truly intrepid traveler. (And our blog updates cover the latest developments on Boracay Island.)

Continuous slow travel

We live this lifestyle because we stay on budget. (Mostly.) Remember: the key to managing your money is to control your spending.

We offer lots of information on this site on how to save money and stretch money on a nonstop travel adventure.

We also reveal our expenses in monthly reports.

Breast cancer

Ellen’s breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy in a foreign country was a difficult challenge.

But she made it!

Global citizens

We Earth Vagabonds enjoy helping people on our travels.

Whether it’s the Ati indigenous tribe in the Philippines, or refugees from the Middle East and Africa, or garbage pickers in Mexico — we believe everyone deserves respect, regardless of life circumstance, and we give back when we can.

We also are big believers in (Hat tip to Theo’s mom Diane for introducing us to Kiva!)

Need more help? More inspiration?

Visit the longer “Our story” page. We share personal histories and information here.

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Rooftops in Fez, Morocco from an Earth Vagabonds trip to northern Africa. The photo has text that reads: " - wandering since 2015."

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