COVID-19: Resources for travel planning

Earth Vagabonds COVID-19 stories

Travel in the ‘new normal’

Earth Vagabonds advocate for travel.

Where can you go?

These links take you outside this website.

Visualize where you can travel with this interactive map:

U.S. State Department list of travel requirements for each country:

U.S. State Department

Safety first

Earth Vagabonds packed a cleaning kit for safety even before the pandemic.

Pandemic stress?

Dreaming of beach getaways? These might help.

Plan a slow travel lifestyle

See what it cost us to live for a month in destinations like Lisbon, Penang, Chiang Mai, Tulum, Lake Atitlan, and more.

Research destinations

Search a destination to see if we have money-saving tips for it.

Have a question but can’t find the answer?

Our Facebook group has thousands of members all over Earth.

Or, contact us.

Life is Now.

– Earth vagabonds
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