Philippine Quarantine Stories

Earth Vagabonds advocate for travel when international borders reopen.

Travel ban updates

A private company manages an easy-to-navigate COVID-19 section on its website that features regular updates on countries around the world.

We are not advocating this company’s business (risk management), but we do give props for such a helpful public service, because its pandemic section also has other useful information about the COVID-19 crisis.

These links take you outside this website.

The official U.S. State Department traveler page.

Unique pandemic lockdown stories

Ellen, Tedly, and Tedly’s 81-year-old mom Diane are hunkered down in the Philippines during the coronavirus pandemic.

They post something new every day.

Safety first

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Earth Vagabonds packed a cleaning kit for safety.

Plan a retired budget travel lifestyle

See what it cost us to live for a month in destinations like Lisbon, Penang, Chiang Mai, Tulum, Lake Atitlan, and more.

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