Philippine Quarantine Stories

Earth Vagabonds advocate for travel when international borders reopen.

Travel ban updates

These links take you outside this website.

Useful website with updated information on most countries by a team from Singapore and Massachusetts.

The official U.S. State Department traveler page.

Unique pandemic stories

Ellen, Tedly, and Tedly’s 81-year-old mom Diane are hunkered down in the Philippines during the coronavirus pandemic.

They post something new every day about the pandemic in paradise.

Safety first

Earth Vagabonds packed a cleaning kit for safety even before the pandemic. But now it’s even more important. See what’s in our cleaning kit.

Plan a slow travel lifestyle

See what it cost us to live for a month in destinations like Lisbon, Penang, Chiang Mai, Tulum, Lake Atitlan, and more.

Research destinations

Search for your destination to see if we have money-saving tips for it.

Have a question but can’t find the answer?

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Life is Now.

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