Budget travel in Rome: 6+ ways to save money

The Forum - budget travel in Rome

3. The Colosseum

We did not buy advance tickets for this. In late April, we arrived at about 8:30 a.m., and waited on line for about 30 minutes.

We bought basic entrance tickets. We stretched our money on this one with Rick Steves’ free app.

Steves is a European travel expert, and friendly to the idea of budget travel in Rome. Although he is sometimes corny, the Colosseum audio tour was helpful and I learned quite a bit.

As part of the basic entrance tickets for the Colosseum, you get to visit the nearby Roman Forum and Paletine Hill.

Do not skip these!

These are great spots that you can see from other points around the city, but it’s quite something to walk around on these sites, and the view from Paletine Hill cannot be beat. We went right after the Colossuem on the same day.

And guess what? Rick Steves has an audio tour for the Forum, too!

After all that walking in the hot sun, we plopped down on the grass in the shade on the Hill and took a little nap. We weren’t the only ones. It was a gorgeous spring day and it felt so good to lie on Earth.

If you want to buy advance tickets to the Colosseum and Forum/Hill, the official site is here.

Search for Rick Steves on your app store.

Extra tip: Visit the Colosseum one day, and go back to visit the Forum/Hill another day. This may be helpful for your planning, depending on your objectives and the size of the crowds. Or, do them in one day with an early entry. We fit all three sites into about eight hours, our 30-minute nap included.

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Budget travel in Rome: 6+ ways to save money

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  1. Smart, Clever point of view for visiting a somehow complicated city like Rome. I wonder if, as happened some years ago, entrance to the Musei Vaticani is free on Wednesday afternoons

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