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Boracay plan, pandemic talk, dengue threat

Lazy days are made for reading, naps, Scrabble, and hot cocoa. And that sums up my Thursday. It was a delightful, do nothing kind of day. Don’t you love those?

But the world outside my pandemic bunker marches on. I read news from home and news from here in the Philippines, where a future tourism announcement was made.

Boracay plan to open for local tourists

The big news is the plan to reopen Boracay Island. The island’s famous White Beach is the economic engine for this region.

The planned reopen involves new safety requirements for businesses and QR codes on visitor smart phones for enhanced contact tracing, if needed. The plan is to reopen the island in July for tourists only from the Western Visaya region — not from all over the Philippines.

This localized domestic reopening is interesting. Most COVID-19 cases are in Manila, which is outside the Western Visaya region. As an American analogy, it would be like California opening to tourists — but only from select western states, not New York or northeastern states where the case count is higher.

The official government news release says the rest of June will be spent making sure the new plan is ready by next month.

And while the picture above shows Boracay’s White Beach on a sunny day, with a zoom lens taken from a kayak, in reality – today it rained and rained, and rained some more. I’m not sure who will want to go over there in the monsoon season.

Pandemic talk

Part of my reading today included an interview with a well-known and respected epidemiologist about the COVID-19 crisis. The scientist interviewed runs CIDRAP, and temporarily directed the CDC. This is a ‘straight talk’ interview based on fact — not media hype. And it’s frightening.

The gist of it is this: around a million Americans will die from COVID-19. It’s going to be a nightmare, and it’s not even midnight yet.

I include this link in this update, because I think more people should see it. Americans are overwhelmed with media reports on a variety of key subjects, and most of our readers are Americans. Don’t let the ‘Rona take a back seat.

Dengue threat

With habagat season (southwest monsoon), comes more mosquitoes. And that means it’s dengue season.

dengue threat from mosquitos like this one

Curious, I searched for dengue in this region last year, and saw the case load was pretty high. And then I saw an alarming headline from a few days ago: Singapore grapples with worst dengue outbreak in its history amidst Covid-19. It seems a strain of dengue not predominant in 40 years, is now surging. Not many people have immunity.

Does that suck, or does that suck?

We are not in Singapore, but this different strain seems to be a trend. Thailand has had a dozen deaths, Laos has many cases. Hopefully, it won’t get too bad here in the Western Visayas.

I know how horrible mosquito viruses are: I had chikungunya in 2015 while in Tulum, Mexico. It was horrible. But, I survived.

Come what may…

I’ve survived a lot in my life. Car and motorbike crashes, being poor, alcoholism, kidney stones, depression, head injuries, breast cancer, and more. And no matter what may come in this crazy pandemic, my spirit will survive.

And as all of this tribulation plays out around me — I’ll enjoy lazy, rainy days with reading and naps, Scrabble and hot cocoa because life is now, not every day can be a sunny travel day, and better days surely are coming.

rainy season on a window view of a rural area in malay, aklan, philippines

Thanks for reading, “Boracay plan, pandemic talk, dengue threat.”

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