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Blog frequency & news of note from pandemic paradise

Hello dear readers! We took the day off from the blog yesterday. It was the first time since March 16, 2020, that we did not post some sort of update from our pandemic paradise.

We came back from Boracay and settled back into our ‘home’ here at the HangOut Beach Resort in Motag Barangay, Malay Municipality, Aklan Province, Panay Island, in the Philippines.

We got caught up with mom Diane and Tedly cooked dinner. Kinda uneventful.

Blog frequency

The WiFi at our resort has been down for a few days. I have a data-only plan on a Philippine SIM card (roughly $12 a month) as a backup to the WiFi.

Without much happening in our world, and no internet, we skipped a day on the blog for the first time in nearly six months. Wow! Six months!

And we are going to skip a few more days here and there.

I’ve decided to use take the time to write some other things. Creative stuff. Like my short fiction stories, or a few nonfiction essays that have been rattling around in my head. And maybe there’s a book in there, somewhere, that can come out with some coaxing, and persistent effort over the next six months.

So don’t worry about us. If you don’t hear from us for a day, or two or three, we still are here.

We will send updates in the newsletter. (Sign up below.)

News of note

To our family and close friends following the saga of our pandemic paradise conditions: it’s a mixed bag of news.

The number of COVID-19 cases continue to grow around us, and yet more things are returning to ‘normal’.

  • 14 new cases in Kalibo (provincial capital)
  • 4 new cases in Numancia (Kalibo ‘suburb’)
  • 2 cases in Malay (our municipality)
  • 1 case in Caticlan (port town to Boracay)

The official news releases to the latest cases are below. (Click to enlarge.)

And I have previously linked to the official documentation to the other cases of local transmission in Kalibo and a death in Numancia.

Airports in the Philippines have been open for commercial flights for some time already. Leaving has never been an issue. We have always been able to leave. But, we haven’t wanted to.

Our new normal

The official cases closest to us are in Malay and Caticlan. But really, with local transmission confirmed in the province, there could be more cases we just don’t know about right down the road from where we live.

In every sense, it’s a tricky virus.

The goal was never to prevent the virus from reaching areas. The realistic goal was to slow the spread so hospitals were not overwhelmed.

But humanity seems to have forgotten logic in these crazy times.

Thanks for reading, “Blog frequency & news of note from our pandemic paradise.”

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