feast with friends at our temporary home

A feast with friends at our temporary home

Wow! Tedly cooked for 16 people! Quite the spread – and quite the feat since he’s never cooked for more than two or three people at a time before now.

Many years before we got married, Tedly was used to cooking for himself as a ‘bachelor’. I moved into his house for some years, and he cooked for me. Since December 2019, when his mom Diane joined us, Tedly has cooked for three.

And then he got an idea. He wanted to cook dinner for the people who live here with us at the Hangout Beach Resort in Malay, Aklan, Panay, Philippines. It’s where we call home these days, and we see many of these people every day. They are like our extended family at our temporary home.

A feast with friends

The owner and our friend Yolly has other people staying here, including our friend Emily and her children. It’s a happy group of people. They are kind and helpful. And, they are trying to ride out the pandemic and hoping for better days ahead. Just like us.

So the dinner spread was great! Tedly made good souffles and tasty casseroles. He made a delicious green mango salad, and also served cut up veggies.

tedly with the food he made for our feast with friends at the hangout beach resort

I helped only a little in the kitchen. I shredded the cheese for the casseroles; chopped the hot peppers for the green mango salad. Mostly, I stayed out of his way and only stepped into the kitchen when my assistance was requested.

I made a run into town for dinner rolls, roasted chickens, a cake and cookies for dessert. Tedly could have served a perfect dinner without those items, but he wanted to make sure we had a feast to enjoy. And feast we did!

baking pans filled with american-style casseroles

People had seconds and thirds. There are leftovers, even after sharing with Yolly’s loving, well-behaved dogs.

Yolly took the photo below of her youngest dog Snow – still a puppy – taking an after-dinner nap. In fact, as I write this, Tedly is softly snoring right next to me. He kinda looks like Snow – taking an after-dinner nap.

Our temporary home

My husband planned this dinner all week. He started buying stuff over the last few days: cheese and pasta, peppers and baking pans, and the rest. Today he started cutting veggies before noon, and was a tad stressed about getting things in the oven on time. But it worked out perfectly.

Tedly wanted to be of service in a way that was personal, in a way that said thank you to Yolly and to the people we live with here at the Hangout. It’s an honor to be invited into Yolly’s home, and welcomed so warmly by everyone here.

We are grateful for our temporary home at the Hangout Beach Resort during our travel pause, in this crazy pandemic time.

Thanks for reading, “A feast with friends at our temporary home.”

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